Complete Bundle


Life often puts us in doubts and situations that we cannot control and we do not want to be and forces us to a constant struggle by trying our patience and resourcefulness when we need to make choices. Choices are part of everyday life, whether it is food, clothes or something more severe. Some of them are easy, but for the others we need to work harder. It is good when we don’t have too many options, but what if we have to choose from a thousand or more? Some people often say that the quantity and quality cannot go together. More is better, but wheatear is better quality?

Sky tries to encompass both to increase the quantity, but not at the expense of quality. The company made package that is able to do all this, to increase the number of programs in HD format. Workers care of every detail, that users satisfy their needs.

Sky + offers three bundles. The first one is the Original Bundle, second bundle is Variete and a third bundle is Family. The difference between these three is in the number of channels that can be watched and conditions of them. If you want some additional properties second or third one are good choices, because it offers a wide selection of channels that you cannot find in an ordinary package. Between a lot of channels where you can watch sports, movies, kitchen, fashion or any other for only £ 80 per month you get 32 “LG TV or £ 100 reward. The voucher can spend on or via Prepaid MasterCard. Set up cost is £ 10, a period of minimum apply subscription is 12 months. You also have option to choose to be Sky TV customer and get even more when you complete your bundle. Dial this Sky number to find out more.

In the more than 350 channels that are offered in the package you can find 11 Sky Cinema channels with premieres every day and 7 Sky Sports with different sports and a lot of matches and highlights, everything in HD. Over 50 other channels are in HD, with high quality of picture and a lot of details. With Catch Up TV you can watch everything you missed. Sky + also allow you to stop live program and continue at some other time. You also get over 350 Box Sets, where you can find blocks of series, movies and documentaries. This package also includes Kids TV with 4000 episodes of different products and Kids app that can use on tablet or phone. You just need to make your own profile and you can choose content you want to watch. And of course you can use Sky Go to watch it on the tablet or television screens no matter where you are.

Complete Bundle will complete every part of your sense. Also it will develop your imagination and curiosity so you will look for more and more. More details that mean more enjoy. More enjoy means more satisfaction. And more satisfaction means happier life.